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Christian Ehrhoff looks back on an impressive career in ice hockey: 862 NHL games, 314 DEL games and 118 international games. He played for the Krefeld Penguins, San Jose Sharks, Vancouver Canucks, Buffalo Sabers, Pittsburgh Penguins, Los Angeles Kings, Chicago Blackhawks and the Kölner Haie and celebrated numerous successes.

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For a time Christian Ehrhoff was the best-paid defender of the NHL. This has never changed him and he remains being a down to earth guy. Christian Ehrhoff is a family man and he enjoys spending time with his wife Farina and his three daughters. He now lives on the Lower Rhine after many years overseas. Ehrhoff is ambassador of the Herman van Veen foundation and patron of stups Children's Hospice.

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The entrepreneur Christian Ehrhoff conveys and stands for values ​​that he has encountered time and again in his sporting career: Change Management, Performance Management, Cooperative Style of Leadership, Lead by Example and Cosmopolitan Thinking. His self-confidence, his focus and his style of leadership acompanies every business endeavour.

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