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My family is my life

„Tomorrow, when I'm back home, my wife will instantly get me back on track helping out around the house and with everyday life. For me that means getting up early, taking the children to kindergarten and school. I love it.“
Quote from the Bild-Zeitung - 26.02.2018

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Familie Ehrhoff Karneval

Off the pitch we ice hockey players are pretty friendly and loving people. I'm a big family man and I'm so excited getting back to my three girls and my wife. Quote from the FAZ - 26.02.2018

Ehrhoff Schulbesuch mit Medaille

„Everyday life has got me back, and it is just as it was before. For example, on Tuesday I drove our children to school.“
Quote from the Bild-Zeitung - 06.03.2018

CE10 The Beginning

It all started for me as a a kid and today my professional career ends! 19 years as a professional player are a long time. Thanks to my teams, teammates, coaches, caregivers, physiotherapists, doctors and of course the fans for the support and countless wonderful moments and memories. A special thank you to my wife Farina, my children, my parents and my sister, without your support and your sacrifice it would not have been possible for me to bring performance to the highest level! Christian Ehrhoff, Quote - 25.03.2018

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